Internships in Yakima County

Author // Kathy Johnson, SHRM-CP

Internships are growing very popular and are a great opportunity for students and for businesses.  For students it’s a chance to get their feet wet a little bit and start developing their professional competencies and their professional networking.  For the businesses it can be a cost effective recruiting tool, bring new perspectives to old problems, and give freedom to the professional staff to pursue more creative projects.

Central Washington University attracts students from Yakima, Tri Cities, and the Lower Valley. It would be beneficial for the students to be able to have an internship where they are comfortable and where they want to end up.  The CWU faculty would love to be a conduit and a resource for interns for Yakima County businesses.

The internship process is very slick.  The HR faculty at CWU would love to help you with it.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact them at https://www.cwu.edu/management/hrm-faculty.  They desire to connect students with businesses. They have great relationships with the CWU students and have insight and can make recommendations for you.  It’s a win win situation and a great opportunity for all!

Common questions that the faculty get:

Can someone be an intern without taking it for credit? Absolutely, the students understand the value but there doesn’t necessarily need to have an interface with the university.

Can you do unpaid internships?  Yes it’s possible, but it will be hard to get the caliber of talent that you may be looking for that can step in and add value to your firm.

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Kathy Johnson, SHRM-CP

Kathy Johnson, SHRM-CP

Learning Consultant

Human Resources, CWU

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